Top-Notch Training

Whether you are a newly licensed agent or a seasoned vet PPG will turn you into a selling machine.  With Premier Producers Group you have no worries when it comes to training.  You will have 24/7 access to the countries #1 final expense telesales training platform FINAL EXPENSE TELEVERSITY. 


The training platform is built on the same state of the art LightspeedVT technology that Tony Robbins, Damon John, and Grant Cardone use to deliver their sales training courses on demand.


Final Expense Televersity has trained hundreds of agents to success and has propelled North Star Insurance Advisors to being the #1 captive final expense telesales agency in America today.


This training platform is responsible for MILLIONS of dollars of placed final expense telesales premium and now you can gain access to this knowledge base as an independent agent earning top compensation.


Getting Licensed

The life insurance business is regulated by the Department of Insurance in each state.  This means that to work with Premier Producers Group you will need to be licensed to sell insurance in each state you want to sell policies in.

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Getting your life insurance producers license can be done in just a few short days with the proper training and tools.  In order to help you earn your license quickly, we have teamed up with A.D. Bankers & Company the top online pre-licensing company for agents looking to get licensed from the comfort of their own home.

Production Mentorship

In addition to everything mentioned above, you'll find even more help working with our productions mentors.  Our corporate staff is dedicated to helping you succeed at the highest levels and we are always just a call away.  Our production mentors are a group of licensed support staff that act as a help desk of sorts.  With PPG you are never alone in your quest to build a final expense telesales empire!