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FE Telesales Process

Selling final expense insurance over the phone is VERY different than selling it face to face.  It requires a whole different system, sales process, and set of selling skills to carry it out.  Without a proven final expense telesales system and sales process, you will struggle with poor closing ratios, bad placement, and bad persistency numbers.


PPG has developed the best final expense telesales platforms in the country. Partnering with us brings you a proven system, presentation, and sales process for your final expense telesales agents.  Why reinvent the wheel when you can partner with the best in the business?


When you sell with PPG's final expense telesales system and technology you can rest assured that the business you write will be plentiful and that it will stay on the books for years to come.


Premier Producers Group is a technology-driven company.  Selling final expense insurance 100% over the phone allows you to take advantage of custom technology that works for you to make the process more efficient and simple on the customer, call-center, and agent.


With PPG you will have access to the following technology:


  • Custom Built CRM Software to Track Customers and Leads

  • Custom Built ChaseData Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

  • Full Reporting Suite

  • Call Recording, Call Whispering, Call Barging

  • System to Verify Bank Accounts

  • Google Workspace

  • Slack

  • Final Expense Televersity "LightSpeedVT" Training Platform

  • File Vault

  • Custom Rate Calculator Software

  • Custom Compliance Scrubbing Software

  • Contracting Software Surancebay

Compliance Technology

Compliance is the most overlooked aspect of most final expense telesales operations.  With ever-changing DNC, TCPA, FTC, and FCC guidelines, ensuring you are compliant is the only way you will remain in business.  Compliance also happens to be the easiest part of a business to compromise, and its tempting because it is very costly and time-consuming to be in full compliance at all times.  When working with PPG you will have access to all the compliance tools and technology to remain in compliance without the huge cost and time burden of doing all the work.

Training Technology

At PPG we train our call-center and agent partners using the most effective and engaging web-based final expense telesales training system on Earth. Our interactive virtual training system is built on the LightSpeedVT platform.


PPG spares no expense on training and has partnered with Final Expense Televersity.  All the information that is in Final Expense Televersity is completely custom to Final Expense Telesales and done by the top industry leaders in Final Expense Telesales.  





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