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Step 8. Get on the PHONE!

I don’t recommend reading this entire post. In fact, I suggest you stop right here and get on the phone! For those of you who are afraid you will miss some “mystical key ingredient” you have been searching for to ensure you won’t fail...I will continue typing.

Are all the what if’s holding you back? I know you think you’re not ready. The truth is you’re right; you aren’t prepared! BUT you’re as prepared as you’ll ever be so today is the day. No holding back or need to continue studying. No excuses!

Understand this...You will never be 100% prepared for anything in life by merely reading about it, watching videos or listening to someone else’s experiences. Even the best training in the world can’t teach you how you how the nervous energy will overtake your body when all of a sudden you have a future client pop into your headset. You must experience things on your own to truly understand the impact on your psyche.

Don’t Believe Me?

In 2016, 5.97 Million people visited the Grand Canyon! Why? Why would so many people travel from around the world to see something they could probably find millions of pictures and videos of online? Simple...They want to experience the beauty and feel the awe themselves.

How Ready was I?

When I first started in final expense, I rode with an agent for three appointments. He closed two sales, and on our way back home I asked him how many times I should go with him and what else I should do to get started. His answer was not what I expected. He said, “You're appointed with a carrier, and you have a stack of old leads, right?”

I responded “Yes.”

He said, “Okay, I would go out later today or tomorrow at the latest!”

And so I did. I was clueless. I just got my insurance license and had zero sales experience. All I was sure of was I knew how to talk, and I knew how to read. I watched him present twice so I could probably fumble my way through. I developed a mindset as I went out those first few days. I titled it “stepping outside of yourself.” It was as if I was watching someone else doorknock those old leads. On the second day, I made my first sale. I have never looked back.

My First Day on the Phones

I came into telesales on the captive platform that Northstar Insurance Advisors offers. I had no intention of becoming a full-time telesales agent and in fact only tried telesales on the premise that if it worked, I would build a call center. I would wager that I have sold far more final expense than anyone in training class. However, I would soon learn that the difference between selling F2F and over the phone was night and day.

The first time I had a guy interested in final expense on the phone I freaked out. I Skyped my trainer as my heart raced and my hands turned clammy looking for someone to rescue me. To this day I laugh every time I think of that call. Why was I so freaked out over a simple final expense presentation? I have presented to thousands of prospects and every single time they were right in front of me and not five hundred miles away. The reason is that I had never felt what it was like to present final expense over the phone. Looking back on that call, I have told nearly every agent I have trained to sell over the phone this story. I equate the experience to drowning in a pool. Arms are flaring and screaming for help. Someone finally tells him to stand up, and he realizes the water is only three feet deep.

Your First Day on the Phones

Look, if you have followed the path of my blog “HOW TO GET STARTED SELLING FINAL EXPENSE BY PHONE” you have all the necessary tools and systems in place to make it happen. The only thing I can’t put into words is how you will feel your first day. So let me just share a thought with you and eliminate the fears and anxiety of your future embarrassment with you. I tell my guys “You are going to mess up and I guarantee you will make a fool of yourself. Now that you know your fears are going to come true you don’t have to worry anymore. The thing is, you will never talk to that person again and no one will know what how bad you performed that you don’t tell. So you have nothing left to fear. Now get your butt on the phone!”

Closing Remarks

In closing, I want to point out the picture I posted above. I originally posted a picture of a finish line but then thought the more appropriate image was a starting line. Hopefully, you have followed my advice and are about to begin a tremendously rewarding career. Are you ready to run this race we call final expense telesales? (Humor intended) It doesn’t matter because the announcer just called you to the starting line. “On your Marks! Get Set…..”

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