Is Final Expense Telesales For You?

Do you love the crazy cat ladies? Maybe you’re into chain-smokers blowing cancer in your face? Or are creepy crawly critters your thing? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the vast majority of you said NO to all of the above. For those of you that said yes with wide eyes of excitement…well let’s just say you have a bright future with plenty of guys in white coats asking you lots and lots of questions. Most financial service professionals will never encounter the circus that face to face final expense agents come across every single day. I know the horror stories are true. I know because I too have sold final expense face to face for years. I’ve felt the warm wet sensation seeping thr

FE Over The Phone... Are you crazy?

It is a failed business plan! It will never work! It can’t be done! WAIT…Can it? You are invited to come along and learn how to prove the naysayers wrong! On this blog, we are going on an amazing journey through the minds of the most brilliant final expense telesales people on the planet. Final Expense telesales can absolutely, positively be an extremely lucrative and rewarding adventure for those agents that choose to apply themselves. And let’s just get this out of the way…NO you don’t have to be a captive agent working in a call center to reap the benefits of Final Expense Telesales! My name is, James Campbell, and I am the president of Premier Producers Group a company that was formed to

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