1. You don't have to be experienced to open a final expense call center. If you're an entrepreneurs looking to get into this market, all you have to do is align yourself with a group that has successfully built Final Expense Telesales call centers.

So many people make the critical mistake of partnering with the wrong IMO. Most of the time this issue happens because the start-up call center is looking for the highest comp they can find. In reality they should be looking for the best overall value and proven success.

A good IMO will have experience with the carriers they represent. Many face to face guys will claim to have experience with carriers but they have only sold face to face. You NEED an upline that has first hand experience selling with these companies and knows all the quirks!

The importance of EXPERIENCE is so in-depth that we could write a book as thick as Moby Dick. However, we all know, NO ONE would read it so we'll move on while you’re still paying attention.


2. A professional training platform sets the tone for the rest of an employees tenure.

Running a call center is all about culture. (We could write a book on culture...just go back and read the Moby Dick comment) The first true look a new agent gets of your company is the training program. They bought into the hype and showed up so now it’s time for you to set the tone with a training program that knocks their socks off! Having some funky copied crooked, grease stained pages falling out of the binder is no way to set the culture. Nor is having a training program that lacks structure. How good can it be if you can’t put it together in an organized fashion?

Training must be suitable for all levels and be ongoing. You have to focus on challenging the minds of your best agents to keep them sharp. You also must be able to take a newly licensed agent and get them closing sales in a very short period of time.


3. High quality leads at an affordable price is key to success prohibits agent turnover.

You need to have good lead sources prior to opening your call center. It is absolutely imperative that you know where you will get leads. Compliance can never be compromised!

You need to have a variety of lead types and stable pricing. We offer several lead types through both inbound and outbound calling. Our agents that are committed to FE Telesales work live transfers on an almost exclusive basis. I personally recommend call centers use outbound leads as a training tool prior to turning agents on to live transfers. Using this approach will greatly reduce agent turnover.


4. Location is not a factor, unless your in the wrong location.

You do understand we are talking about a brick and mortar call center, right? I have spoken to several people that claimed to ahve call centers only everyone works from home. Not the same thing. That is equivilant to me saying I own the largest mall in America and then sending you to my E-Bay account.

I highly recommend a location that has a minimum of 100,000 people within a 30 minute drive. In LA, this means 12 square blocks but for most of the country this means a 30 miles radius. I would prefer to see 250,000+ within the same driving distance.

The key with location is to be convent for your agents to get to work and to have a large hiring pool. These two factors will drastically reduce your agent turnover and promote stability in your organization.


Inclosing, I would like to say that lacking any of numbers 1-3 is a guaranteed recipe for fa