SOOOOOOO many people call me and ask how they can be successful selling Final Expense by phone. I am more than happy to share the keys to success as I am confident that I know exactly what it takes.

Before we jump into how to CRUSH IT selling Final Expense by Phone, let me take a moment to break down some numbers for you. We will use the number of 100 agents calling to find out more about telesales for this example.

100 Agents call in to find out more about how they too can become a FE Telesales superstar.

20 Agents have no real interest and are nothing more than tire kickers.

20 Agents have experience in Final Expense Telesales and 19 of them have had a bad experience due to partnering with the wrong IMO or trying to start with no support or direction. Many of these agents are broke and scared to make another mistake. Very unfortunate as I see a lot of promise in some of these agents.

40 are interested but have something holding them back (Captive contracts, no money, or inability to decide)

20 Jump in to the world of FE Telesales with big plans to CRUSH IT!

The rest of this blog will be a candid view of the 20 agents that are planning to CRUSH IT.

***Fun “FACT” 50% of all stats are made up***

What does it take to CRUSH IT?


I first heard the phrase “MASSIVE ACTION” from a friend and mentor in Final Expense Telesales and later heard it again and again from Grant Cardone. It took a while to really sink in but once it did I realized two things: Number one…I love it and number two…It’s flawed in that, just like success, we all have a different perception of what it means.

Massive action is massive commitment. Massive commitment means your number one priority is the task at hand. In this case, CRUSHING IT selling Final Expense 100% over the phone!

Are you able to commit to MASSIVE ACTION and MASSIVE COMMITMENT? If not, stop reading!

A Proven System

At PPG we use the same training structure that our partner company, Northstar Insurance Advisors, uses for their captive salesforce. First, we use on-demand training through our Final Expense Televersity. Second, we put agents on outbound calls from our B lead data base to familiarize them with our script and technology. Third, we work one-on one with agents to get them closing sales. Forth, we provide on-going training and support to help agents improve their presentation, closing ratio, conservation, and other Telesales skills. Finally, THERE IS NO FINALLY! Our top agents continue to hone their skills and are continually looking to get better. We provide the platform to do so.

A Common Shortcoming: Underestimated Effort

Underestimated effort is the second biggest reason people fail in Final Expense Telesales. (The biggest reason is partnering with the wrong IMO.)

Agents that CRUSH IT have one common trait…hard work. As a new agent to our platform you should plan to spend a minimum of five straight days doing nothing but calling B leads. I am talking eight hours of calling and practicing the script. Once you have a good understanding of the script you should begin working leads. Taking leads will drastically increase your efficiency and thus allow you to close more sales.