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With so many "opportunities" popping up in the realm of final expense telesales I decided to post some facts concerning PPG's final expense telesales platform. Feel free to use our model to compare your current or potential telesales situation.

What you get with PPG...

1. Compensation- 110%-115% point street level contracts that are vested day one with no production requirements. We will meet or beat your comp if you have proven production with good quality of business in final expense telesales.

2. Training- Captive training as an independent agent through our access to the Final Expense Televersity. Northstar Insurance Advisors developed this elite training platform and it has produced some of the very best final expense telesales agents in the country.

3. Leads- Six different types of leads that are all exclusive to you. We have three inbound live transfers and three outbound lead types. Leads range from $8 to $35.

4. Freedom- Our agents are independent and have the freedom to work when they want how they want.

5. Carrier options- I designed our carrier line-up to meet the needs of our agents. I feel confident our core carriers can cover nearly any situation our agents come across.

5. Advancement opportunities- Mentorship programs for both individual agents and aspiring call center owners. If your goal is to open a call center we will show you exactly how to achieve your dreams. We host our aspiring call center owners at Northstar Insurance Advisors home office so you can get a first-hand look behind the curtain and see a multi-million dollar operation in action.

6. Transparency- I believe the key to successful relationships is open and honest communication. I advise prospective agents to build their business based on a worst-case scenario. I make a conscious effort to never over promise and always over deliver.

What you won't get with PPG...

1. Unprofessional leadership- I refuse to be involved in internet drama with other prospective final expense telesales opportunities. I stand firm on what I have to offer so I don’t concern myself with what others are saying or doing. We hold ourselves to the highest standard when dealing with our agents and presenting our services.

2. An inexperienced upline- I actively sell final expense. I ran a successful final expense call center for nearly two years until we closed it to start PPG. We feel it is of utmost importance that our partners are trained by someone that has proven they can succeed in their profession.

3. A multi-level marketing platform- We are not the usual "recruit the masses" type of company. We support agents if they choose to open a call center. We have a philosophy, which says to have a downline of agents you must bring a wealth of value to the table. No middlemen making money for nothing.

Our Mission

In closing, we designed the entire PPG platform through the eyes of an independent agent with the philosophy of bringing our independent agents the competitive advantages that Northstar's captive sales force enjoy. I personally test every change we make to the platform. Every situation I encounter I ask myself how I would feel if I were the producing agent. If I see room for improvemetn I work with our team to make the changes. We strive to be the very best and understand the concept of continuous improvement. Our goal is to provide the most complete opportunity in the industry for independent agents and build long lasting relationships with our partners.

Now that you know what we have to offer you can weigh your options...Does your opportunity meet your needs on every level and exceed what we have to offer?

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