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FE Over The Phone... Are you crazy?

It is a failed business plan! It will never work! It can’t be done!

WAIT…Can it?

You are invited to come along and learn how to prove the naysayers wrong! On this blog, we are going on an amazing journey through the minds of the most brilliant final expense telesales people on the planet.

Final Expense telesales can absolutely, positively be an extremely lucrative and rewarding adventure for those agents that choose to apply themselves. And let’s just get this out of the way…NO you don’t have to be a captive agent working in a call center to reap the benefits of Final Expense Telesales!

My name is, James Campbell, and I am the president of Premier Producers Group a company that was formed to DESTROY the notion that Final Expense telesales is a failed model for the independent agent. At PPG we have one mission…to bring success to our agents through the sharing of our wealth of knowledge on how to become a superstar selling final expense 100% over the phone.

Are you an agent looking for answers concerning FE Telesales?


My Blog will bring you information on industry news, technology tips, general sales skills and most of all an unfathomable amount of information regarding Final Expense Telesales. We will have guest bloggers share their expertise from time to time. I will also welcome requests from my followers for any topic they would like to see covered.

I have had a very rewarding career selling final expense life insurance. I am an independent agent with six years of success in both face to face and as an owner of an FE call center. With all my experience with my partners at Northstar Insurance Advisors, you can bet your bottom dollar you will not find a better place to learn the art of selling final expense life insurance over the phone.

Please join me as we embark on this amazing adventure to the top of the final expense telesales industry!

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