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Step 2: Partner Up

VALUE, people buy based on VALUE not based on price. When choosing a partner in this business you better find VALUE or you will pay an awful price.

IMO, FMO, NMO, GA, MGA and Agency are all terms used to describe your up-line. You know the guy that is making money off your production. Your choice in IMO’s is a very important decision that will have the huge impact on whether you succeed or fail.

Insurance agents have a historically high failure rate. Many say 90% will fail out of this business within the first two years. Final Expense life insurance agents quite possibly have the highest failure rate within the industry.


I believe the trend is a direct result of three things but they all go back to the same cause…Partnering with the wrong IMO. It is possible that all three are the direct result of what some would call marketer spew. I also know for a fact that agents tend to hear what they want and ignore the rest. Thus the reason you constantly hear me say “BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF”


Underestimated effort. Agents buy into the idea they will only have to work a day or two a week. You can do that if your independent but just know you will get out what you put in.

Overestimated profitability. Agents hear the marketers talk of “making more money than a doctor” and jump aboard without calculating the risk and time it takes to build a business.

Lack of a winning partnership. Good business relationships must be equally beneficial. Many agents get suckered into deals that truly do make millionaires…only not for them. Their IMO offers “top compensation” but over charges for leads, lacks in training and is more worried about recruiting more and more agents then helping their current downline succeed.

Whether captive or independent you need to find an IMO that is honest about their opportunity. Question promises of huge incomes and very little work. Ask for proof of their claims. Most importantly, get everything in writing.

5 KEYS TO LOOK FOR IN A Final Expense Telesales IMO

I believe there are five keys to finding a good IMO to partner with. My next five posts will be a deep dive into each of them.

  1. Training and Support

  2. Carrier Selection

  3. Lead Options and Compensation

  4. Technology and Compliance

  5. Agreements (Non-Competes and Free Releases)

If I am paying someone money I better be getting something out of it. I don’t stop at the pay here window and then blow right by the pick-up window. Your up-line is making money off your production so they better be providing VALUE to you.

VALUE comes in all shapes in sizes in the insurance industry. We will explain how the five items above provide VALUE in great detail in the days to come. Today, let’s look at two contradicting philosophies.


These two are big hooks IMO’s use to land agents. Nothing wrong with either one of them. A common mistake is to jump on a free lead program and accept a very low commission in exchange. I always wonder, “Just how free are those leads?” Another huge mistake I see is a green agent taking the highest compensation he can find but getting very little to no support in return. They would have been far better served to learn the ropes on someone else’s dime or to partner with an IMO that offers decent comp and provides top-notch training. Instead they chase instant riches and ultimately fail out of the business because they simply did not know what they were doing.

So, the question is: what should you do? First, you should do your research to find IMO’s that fit what you need. It all depends on you and your current situation. (Play Broken record) BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! Next, you need to interview the IMO. Talk to your potential direct up-line. Find out exactly what they recommend agents do to be successful and what you can expect from them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You are about to enter into an agreement that will have the biggest impact on whether you succeed or fail in this business. Find out if their platform works for you and what you want to achieve. If it does and everything else checks out. PARTNER UP!

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